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Use one CLI application for multiple CL entry points.

Our Goal

Background Theory

What is a symlink?

A symlink (symbolic link) is essentially a pointer to a file or folder located elsewhere, consumes little space and is very fast to create (compared to copying a file and its contents).

How to create symlinks?

In Linux we can use ln to create symbolic link with -s argument. The syntax of the same is —

ln -s <original file path> <link file path>

For example, let’s these files -

Add and remove modules from the Linux Kernel for digital privacy.

What is modprobe you ask?

modprobe intelligently adds or removes a module from the Linux kernel. modprobe looks in the module directory /lib/modules/`uname -r` for all the modules and other files, except for the optional configuration files in the /etc/modprobe.d directory.

~(man)ual pages

Kernel and Kernel Modules in Linux

In Linux you can add capabilities to base kernel via ‘kernel modules’. These are programs that you can load at kernel level and then use the exposed APIs to communicate with your assets. …

A blast to past to see what it took to be secure 25 years ago!


Microsoft Windows95 is the registered property of Microsoft Corporation® and released for general use on August 24, 1995. This article is purely for educational purpose and does not intend to damage any software/product owned by any company/individual.

As Windows95 is discontinued (Mainstream support ended on December 31, 2000, and Extended support ended on December 31, 2001) and product-key check algorithms and strategies are far more advanced in subsequent versions, we can discuss this topic safely now.

Do you know that 111–1111111 is a valid Windows95…

Set up your own prebuilt-Windows10 based malware analysis lab in Hyper-V

Creating your own malware analysis lab can be time consuming and hectic, to setup all the tools required might take 2–3 days if not a whole week for a beginner.

It took me 2 weeks to develop a stable malware analysis lab when I was getting started, finding all the tools, automation scripts and even setting up a VM was a challenge.

So I’ve created a complete VM pre-installed will all the required tools and an activated development copy of windows10 for 90 days which you can simply import…

Practical Understanding of Public-Key based Encryption Strategies and their Efficiency.

But then why do PGP / GPG and other encryption tools have "encrypt with RSA" option?

And, what’s even the use of this if we can’t use it to encrypt large files?

Are you saying RSA is useless? and if not, where it is used then?

… In this article, we will try to understand all the above questions and more, with an experiment and some basic theory to back it up.

Basic Prerequisite

Utilizing PGP Keys to Encrypt Everything you have.

If have some super private or confidential data on your computer and don’t want anyone to have it, even if they have login access of your computer, then you already know the answer to “Why should we do this”.

Now all that remains is “What” & “How” and that’s what we are going to talk about today. Let’s have quick look into TOC for this article…

Difficulty : Intermediate, (or easy, once you know the basic concepts and process of public-key crypto.)

What’s PGP & GPG?



Brainfuck is the most famous esoteric programming language, and has inspired the creation of a host of other languages. Due to the fact that the last half of its name is often considered one of the most offensive words in the English language, it is sometimes referred to as brainf***, brainf*ck, brainfsck, b****fuck (as a joke), brainf**k, branflakes, brainoof, brainfrick, or bf.

First Things First


Note : After reading this article, be prepared to FLEX ᕦ(ò_óˇ)

F**king Basics !

Write-up for Samsung SCTF’s Android Reverse Engineering Challenge : Vault 101 using pure static analysis based reverse engineering.

Simulating typical DDoS attack in NS3 network simulator

What is this?

This article is about coding a Distributed Denial of Service Attack simulation in NS-3 discrete event network simulator.

Why do we need it?

Because visual representation of basic concepts which you can play around with is better right?

Where can you get the code?

As part of a community project I am collecting / building multiple cybersecurity simulations and scenarios in NS3 and logging them in GitHub

Check “Simulation Result” section (towards end of article) for final animation.

How to ?

Reverse Engineering Challenge of Hacker Earth CipherCombat2.0

What we get?

Saket Upadhyay (x64Mayhem)

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